Hello World!

Welcome to my website. I created this from scratch (HTML/CSS, some Javascript/jQuery, and good ol' PHP) because I love building websites and having a place to express myself.

Hopefully this site can give you some insight as to who I am.

Check out my Fall 2017 TV Schedule!

AUG 12 2018: University notes complete forever!

JAN 12 2018: Added old and current notes.

SEP 02 2017: My Fall 2017 TV Schedule. PHP this time since I was getting tired of adding each show and also editing each HTML line when I wanted to change something.

JUN 15 2017: Added a counter for the number of days that I have restrained myself from using the elevator. I walk up 6 flights of stairs multiple times every day! It is a struggle, but one day it won't be.

MAY 23 2017: Updated projects page. New quotes!

MAY 05 2017: Site was down for 3 days because 000webhost shut it down since I didn't migrate to their new control panel. Site is back up, but it reset all of my last updated dates. Also upgraded to PHP 7.0, fixed some bugs.

FEB 04 2017: POOPTRACKER REDESIGN page. A promise to complete the app.

DEC 28 2016: Updated some typos and content. UPCOMING: Full list of tv shows with reviews, rendered from a google spreadsheet.

SEP 24 2016: Added new section to stickers page - DIY ID CARDS

AUG 24 2016: Added new page - STICKERS!!!

I have not taken the elevator in


About Me

My name is Sandy and this is my website!

I studied Computer Science and Psychology at the University of Waterloo and am currently working towards becoming a master iOS Developer.

Areas of interest: Computer Science, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Biochemistry, Biology, Anatomy, and Visual Arts.

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