My favourite hobby is thinking. I usually think a lot when I'm on the toilet or in the shower.

Here's an idea: When you're living alone, put picture frames all around your place. For the photos, use photos of other people's families (you can get them from the internet or from friends). When people come to visit you, they'll be like, "Oh, cute photos. Wait a second, who are these people?!??!"
Serial killer spin: the photos actually came from people you murdered. You took a photo frame from each of the families you murdered as a trophy. Would be a great Criminal Minds episode.

Below you will find various thoughts and ideas I've had throughout the years. Most of them are story ideas. I don't think I would be able to implement all of these ideas, but I would love if other people did, so I don't really care if anyone steals them. Some are just like, "What was I thinking?" but then I'm like, "Oh yeah, I remember." You might not understand them because the words lack the images that are in my head. Most of these, I remember very clearly what I imagined at the time.

The list was compiled from the many iCloud notes that I had. I am very unorganized when it comes to these things. Sorry for all of the typos.

These are most of my billion-dollar ideas!

Thoughts and Ideas

(Rendered via Dropbox file)

  • (2012) That turtle neck Wolowitz has, make a hoodie one like that.
  • (2012) what if roads were like spiderwebs, not tictactoes. hexagons/octagons. one giant intersecting point, main roads intersecting with each other.
  • (2012) burn a cemetery in dif spots in the dry summertime and burn the whole thing.
  • (2012) all you can eat restaurants - a device at each table where you can tap in what you want and it sends to the comp at the chef area. or the waitors have an ipad mini with their self made app to quickly tap what ppl order then it syncs with comp (THEY ALREADY DID THIS ONE BUT I SWEAR THEY DIDN'T BACK THEN OR AT LEAST I NEVER HEARD/SEEN THEM)
  • (2012) plugin/extension tht replaces all images that show up with something else. like set to daniel craig google images and when you search up mihkhail, you get images of daniel craig. tht way, when researching, you dont get ugly photos. you get pretty photos so you are more motivated and happy and its boring.
  • (2012) stuffing fish bones down someones throat to cut them - torture (from that time I swallowed a fish bone)
  • (2013) show about an airport - all the drama and the love, the cons, the creeps, the scams, the losers. Also, celeb guest stars. itd be funny to see them react with strangers and then delays. (THE OFFICE AT THE AIRPORT)
  • (2013) Shatter - chocolate in pieces- a bag - good design to grab pieces one by one - lasts longer - not to sweet
  • (2013) shower head where the tube comes out but can go back in
  • (2013) app that honks - sounds like inside to piss off driver, sounds like outside to piss off otger drivers - may be a death hazard
  • (2013) Website - post everyone who has died. They stay for 24 hours - no more, no less. Shows how many people are dying each day. Gives them all an equal amount if respect and coverage.
  • (2013) Soy sauce bottle, pointy needle squirty thing with holes. stick it in whatever, squeeze, and itll spread INSIDE the thing. not outside.
  • (2013) Take a boring documentary and edit it to make an awesome movie.
  • (2013)Talk show- guest stars are unknown till the start of show. zoomed into a trait then zoomed put slowly as music plays. allows people to guess
  • (2013) Pake - cake in pie crust
  • (2013) auctionhouse show
  • (2013) 911 call center show
  • (2013) research - babies - language - naybe they try to communicate but we cant understabd. communication doesnt occur at all because its one way. but if we research several babies and see what theyre communicatinng, we essentially could learn their language and see if they have prior knowledge.
  • (2013) A table or any surface that measures weight. You can set a maximum weight and if you go over, it sounds an alarm till you take off the weight. This would help people stop cluttering their desk.
  • (2013) a monster who lives and dies every XX years and repeats the same life. it does certain things but it doesnt know its wrong becaus eit dies and reborns everytime it learns/gets caught. the monster will have stages. once caught, it may not complete all stages but it will die when time is up and is reborn. and relives it for the next generation
  • (2013) Camera that takes circular photos. why are they limited to a rectangle? the lens is circular so why is it cut off? should be a circular picture. see more of the picture.
    App for this just for circle photos. Include filters like ios7 where you can see all filters and choose. Can also undo the filter.
  • (2013) Fictional scenario: A bubble bomb that pops. its got needles or knifes on it and when it pops, the objects detach and fly outwards hitting whatever it hits first.
  • (2013) Fictional scenario: An allergic to peanuts convention and serving them all "peanut subsitutes" but theyre just real peanuts.
  • (2013) lap table thing for bus. a slot at end you can pull out so laptop doesnt fall. it can slide back and forth a few cm. problem: if pull out, bottom will block leg if put down and too big. make telescopic - may be to weak
  • (2013) A show where a guy in untouchable by law - what affexts would it have. admits to crimes but dies t care. or where law doesnt exist. shooe that law is not the base of morals its other people, peers, you harm peers
  • (2013) What'd be cool is if google maps had harry potter theme and gps could show your location with feet and moved when your phone moved
  • (2013) motorcycle with an inside. solo but smaller than car. like convertible but a single seat. custom design, deposit. one of a kind motorcycles.
  • (2013) toilet paper pads - thick and absorbent so you dont have to fold yourself. Also, dispensible like tissues so you dont have to wrip. Choose your own thickness
  • (2014) Removable section textbook
    a new kind of textbook. get rid of the old chunky textbook. usually students dont use all sections at once. Have a hardcover/binderholder to hold 1 section at a time. Applies to ALL textbooks like this.
    This way, students can buy textbooks to hold 2 sections or just 1.
    Also, with an appendix section as well.
    Each section has its own entire table of contents so you always know ehat the full txtbook has.
    Can also carry more than 1 subject.
    Makes it easier and lighter and more organized for students.
    Students will never leave their textbooks in their lockers because they are just a drag.
    It will be a new kind of textbook that follows a certain format. Cannot exceed a certain thickness etc for each section.
    We will call it sanbooks.
  • (2014) App where it shows people who have died. Shows how precious life is. If someone died, put up their name. See how long it takes for someone else to die. You are not alone. Taking death rate in mind, will output random people. Unknown persons etc. jane doe. African child. etc. Also cause of death. NOPHOTOS though. Just the screen with a name and cause of death
  • (2014) a gadget that heats things on the go. say you took something on the go, it got cold. no worries. you always carry your heater. ever try to reheat that bun with a hot drink?
    it simply warms it up. does not cook it. usb and battery powered.
  • (2014) a scale that says positive comments. you first set your goal, it tracks your weight.
  • (2014) show after a music album. each episode is a song. for example the kills. if you play whole album, a story will unfold.
  • (2014) show where people around main char keep dying. but they come back in some way. so their life is really fked up. and then they sort of get used to it. but one day, the girl he loves doesnt come back. and hes like wtf. and he tries to find out why. he goes on a search for why hes likr this. and it turns out that there are people like him. and if he tells people who arent like him, they die and forget he ever told them. turns out, there's this high council that does this. why? iunno. for some twisted reason.
  • (2014) police scanner app with the lingo
  • (2014) simulation apps - a screen filled with water. like the ipod is full of water and you can touch it and swoosh it around. if this could be made into an actual animated wallpaper.
  • (2014) an entirely new kind of smartphone (i'll only tell tony stark this one)
  • (2014) a program where youre matched with a study buddy willing to learn. You two will meet up at least once every week in the center and study together. really understand what youre learning.
  • (2014) bitstrips - taking real life photos reenacting bistrips comics
  • (2014) Autofeed. A machine that auto releases food for pets. You can leave without having to worry about feeding your pet. You can set breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any other meal/snacktime.
    Just fill the container. Can hold about a week of meals. May very depending on mealsize. Can set how much is released.
  • (2014) People don't care about health because they don't see the affects of unhealthy eating. You can't see a vitamin c deficiency or a calcium deficiency. But what if you could? Calcium levels are at 10%, oh no gotta get that up to 100%. It would be accomplishing seeing numbers. Psychologixally, one would feel improvement as well. How does one know fruits improve their health significantly? Did that chocolate bar affect my stats?
  • (2014) Random character: "There's these things called friends I heard about. Apparently it's really good to have them. I've never had the experience of one but I hear it's beneficial. Try it some time and let me know how they are."
  • (2014) A device that can check the levels quickly. Check how much iron is in your blood. Check your vitals. Something you can carry around. Something that gets rid of those yearly checkups. You can check before it's too late. Before you've had a year of unhealthy eating.
  • (2014-01-17) Criminal Minds episode idea: bus driver transports bodies with school bus. it gets through anything. omfg A lot of dead children and people think its a bus full of sleeping children but its not. its corpses. he transports at night so no one suspects a thing. maybe a tour bus for adults.
  • (2014-01-17) Criminal Minds episode idea: body disposed on side of highway right before snow storm. snow falls on body. becomes ice etc. freezes body. no one discovers till snow melts. they have to see when it snowed, how much it snowed to narrow down approx when the body was disposed there
  • (2014-02-08) text based adventure apps where you change the world.
    rid the world of sexism
  • (2014-06) an app where you can shout things anonymously and it stays there until the next person shouts anonymously. you start with 20 credits but then you have to buy more. for those that really want to get a message out there. On web as well. Great for proposing, professing love, ranting, etc.
  • (2014-06-24) Game: Painter Story- where you're an artist. You actually get to draw and display. Your can expand gallery size, buy frames. You will need to buy supplies. Buy paint, buy tools. Buy displays. Visit other galleries, see peoples art.
  • (2014-06-24) A software where you upload pictures of people you like + choose celebrities and it will give you suggestions based on the facial features. You can either say yes or no to each one and the algorithm will correct itself.
  • (2014) what if the real time isn't the real time. what if people manipulate it to their liking? People go "oh this is the internet time so it's true
  • (2014) what if society and media make you like girls? no matter what sex or gender you are. they target men, but the also don't not target women. In movies, "sexy" music plays whenever a hot woman enters a room. The hot woman character is formed in all people. Now all are attracted to the hot woman.
  • (2014) it's stupid to count time. it quanitifies events in time, but it resolutions are stupid. Great motivator, but some just make resolutions to not do. Which is double the stupid.
  • (2014-07-25) Movie idea: a boy and a girl growing up, living separate lives. they both talk to each other. The struggle of not being listened to all their lives. Talking to themselves as if someone was listening... not saying what they wanna say they end up meeting. crushing over one another. but couldnt tell if they felt the same way. they wrre both "the one that got away".
    at the end: they're talking to themselves but split screen - their conversations with themselves match exactly together.
    end - wtf moment. theyve been talking to one another this entire time... so sad.
  • (2014-07-25) What is heaven like?
    Is it where you spend eternity with your dead family and friends? Spend forever and ever with them in a happy, happy place? That sounds like hell. I don't even spend every moment with family and friends. It's too much. Are there MMORPGS in heaven? Where everyone is super nice and would never kill a monster because it's a sin to kill? Wait, so an MMORPG without violence? That sounds like hell. Do you get to meet your favourite celebrities that have died? Wait but won't every other fangirl be mobbing over them? You wouldn't even get a chance to get close to them. That sounds like hell. Or maybe you get your own copy of them? So when Mads Mikkelsen dies, I get my own Mads? And we can do everything I've ever dreamed of? But wait, isn't that what daydreaming is for? So it's not really real? That sounds like hell. Do bad things happen? But everyone is good, right? So nothing interesting ever happens? That sounds like hell.
  • (2014-09-07) Love quotes:
    I love him and he will never know until he tells me he loves me too.
    I wish you could see the smile on my face when you reply. I wish you could see what no one sees.
    I don't care if you don't know. I know. And that means the world to me.
  • (2014-09-08) {possible tv show} what if the money cash you come across, wherever it goes is where your fortune is? So if your bills end up in the wallet of a really rich guy, youre rich too. If it ends up in a hobos cup, you ztart to lose your money.
  • (2014-09-18) People who do exactly what everyone else has done already and died doing it. Why do people choose to live a dead end? Wouldn't it make sense to not do that? No one has ever not died doing that. All the greats. They either die early or have a wife and kids and die. What if dying early is the way to live? Or what if they weren't triggering infinite life either? Immortality might be possible. Either no one has lived to tell or no one has died to tell. There must be something that makes immortality possible. If science created this world, then it's science like in the movies. But if it wasn't science, it's some sorcery. It's possible that the greats aren't really dead. They may have some secret organization for immortals where they fake their death to live forever. It's not difficult especially since they didn't have photographs back then. But now plastic surgery exists so it's just as easy, but more expensive. But immortals shouldn't have any problems with money.
  • (2014-09-22) TV conditions you to not like chubby people but to like the occasiional obese person. Everyone on TV is either skinny or obese. Rarely in between. Maybe a chubby mom or a thick man. But never just overweight. Okay Guillermo Diaz is an exception because he's Guillermo. You can't make fat jokes with just overweight.
  • (2014-09-24) Velcro pants pockets. Makes it harder to fall out. Zippers are elegant, velcro requires a bit more... force.
  • (2014-09-24) Zipper pants pockets. not parallel to body but perpendicular. like eddie bauer zippers
  • (2014-09-25) 360pack - front and backpack (LOL)
  • (2014-09-29) prop up a bike. ad a google for virtual boking. add seat for vobrations and bumps
  • (2014-10-10) what if when you die, the very last feeling you have sticks with you? and that's all you feel for the rest of your existence - forever.
  • (2014-10-20) TV Show: Theme: Ordinary people are stupid - live an extraordinary life. Normal people do stupid things, abnormal people do stupid things so normal pepople don't question their existence. Life is full of ironies. The majority isn't happy, the majority isn't doing it right, they just agreed as a majority that this was the highest they could achieve. They made themselves satisfied. Are you going to be ordinary or are you going to go the extra mile? Not many have, but are YOU willing to go there?
  • (2014-11-10) App for bloopers
  • (2014-12-24) Bus tv show. Need to be an actual moving bus that's filming. No green screen.
    Main character: linda. It's always been her dream to drive for the big boys - public transit.
    Pilot: she gets rejected because she has no experience. episode ends with her getting a job as a school bus driver.
    1st season: she drives a school bus and during the day she works and takes bus driving lessons.
    Linda hates the kids but finds them so cute. she yells at them anyway but goes SIT YO CUTE BUTT DOWN.
    She has a family at home she's trying to raise. Her husband is rich but linda is not that kind of person. She was raised to save money. She's a hoarder so she likes to hoard money and collect worthless items. Her husband was alwys rich but she didnt want gim for that. They were just really in love. He sacrificed living rich for her. Literally the perfect husband. All she wants is to drive a pub transit bus. you get all these bus scenes of nail clipping and all the problems of buses. near end of season, a kid gets ahold pf driver seat and drives away, crashes bus. Linda gets fired. She gets a trusty friend lawyer. This friend only willing to help because linda is a good person.
  • (2014-12-03) Garbage cans that say "Thank you" when you put something in. Weight sensor at the bottom.
  • show about a team of 4 people exploring weird cases around the world, trying to make sense of things.
    4 very diff people trying to get along.
  • (2015-02-08) A sticker for the bottom of your foot so that you can go barefoot while keeping your feet clean. Various thicknesses to suit your needs. Maybe a net-like thing to be breathable.
  • (2015-02-28) TV Show: Underground market for selling corpses to cannibals. There are more cannibals than you think.
    When people die, they get processed in the system. If a body goes to be cremated, the company intervenes. Before cremation, they take parts of the body they cremate. Then cremate. The parts are then processed like stock and packaged like stock. They are then shipped to buyers. Some are restaurants.
    Stuff goes wrong when the son of the company head steals a delicious body from the morgue, only to find out that the corpse was not dead. (Sounds like iZombie)
  • (2015-03-07) guy in jail for 50 years for a murder he took the blame for from age 20.
  • day, hes 20 again. but no one knows who this kid is. just that the original man is no longer there. not knowing how this kid got there and whaz to do with him, they kick him out. all they know is that a prisoner has escaped. he goes to find the guy who caught him who is now 80. he tells him that its his second chance at a life. What am I supposed to do? Just ignore the fact that I had been imprisoned for life for 50 years? That I lived in misery because I took the fall for someone?
  • (2015-04-12) remote control vacuum cleaners. WOULD BE SO FUN.
  • (2015-04-11) temp cloud
    desktop folder and app
    a folder where you just upload stuff on your phone and its on your desktop instantly by cloud.
    very handy for those who just want to easily transfer stuff without messying up their dropbox
    once youve accessed it, it will ask you if you want to delete it. you can say ask me later or clear it.
    where you tap blocks that affect how they fall. must make them fall in some sort of thing to win points or something. to continue.
  • (2015-05-19) twitter but with filters.
    filter tweets into folders for a certain period of time. maybe you want all "The Flash" tweets to go into a folder for later because you cant livetweet (Turns out Twitter had something like this for TV Shows?)
  • (2015-07-07) Web Extension: limit the time on each inddividual site
  • (2015-07-11) Story/TV Show: a twisted man who raises children and teaches them the wrong basic things in life.
    numbers: 123456789
    7 = eight, 8 - seven
    one two three four five six eight seven nine
    why was five afraid of six? cause six eight seven!!!

    m is the n sound
    n is the m sound
    hello ny mane is george
    spoken is good, spelling/reading not
    spelling/reading good, speaking not

    left, right
    "left" was right and "right" wasleft

    ! and ?
    ! meant ? and ? meant !

    . and ,

    individual cases of people experiencing the world differently
    - noticing typos everywhere etc

    by the first episode: main guy finds someone else that has a weird thing

    by finale: they find out that there is an organization that raises kids this way as a psychology experiment
  • (2015-09-05) You can tell... you can tell when someone wants to be closer to you. Not because they want to be friendly with everyone, not because they want to be polite, but because they genuinely want to know more about you. They're interested in who you are, not what you can give them. They think you can better them and that they can better you. Even when you're closed off to the world around you, hidden behind a forcefield, they see you. They see you for you and they want to keep seeing you. Even if you push them away, they push back. That is when you know you've found a friend. Someone who doesn't want you to change. Someone who loves you for the way you eat, the way you sit, the way you breathe. Someone who loves you for who you are.

    When you've found that person, don't change who you are. Don't try to be someone different. Because they fell in love with you, not the person who you think they want. Just be you. That's who they want.
  • (2015-10-30) Guy getting released from prison making an announcement: You guys make me feel normal, like I belong somewhere. Some of you may be sick in the head, but aren't we all? The whole world is sick, but what separates us from the world is that we decided to act on our thoughts in a time of vulnerability or in a time of opportunity.
    Just because they physically separated us from their world, doesn't mean we are not the same.
    We are all alike and we all have someone that knows how we feel. You are not alone! We have each other.
    Thank you guys. I truly appreciate you guys for accepting me for who I am. I'm going back out there soon, but you will always be in my heart. PEACE!
  • d me when you get out! I'll try to come visit you guys!
  • (2015-12-08) #BritishMondays - learn british slang for 30 mins
  • (2015-12-08) #DEARATWWYLHFridays - Drop everything and read and then write with your left hand
  • (2015-12-28) algorithm to solve a maze (???)
  • (2016-01-16) Learn one word a day or write one word a day. See all the words you've learned/know. (I think this was an app idea?)
  • (2016-01-26) TV Show: a team of people solving a bunch of unsolved cases at a precinct. Comedy parts about how long it takes for evidence to process, etc. Like they had to wait 10 years for someone to visit some location for a lead. Rookie comes in, she's brilliant. She sees things that they originally missed. She solves a pile of unsolved cases. The open case team asks her to join them, since she's so good, but she prefers solving the unsolved cases, and only believes that's all she's capable of.
  • (2016-03-05) TV Show where TV is reality and this is just a segue between realities. Or not TV show, this is our reality. This is the break room, the simulation. Unconsciously, we pick new lives, but consciously, we think this is our life. One person is able to experience true life. Similar to Matrix?
  • (2016-03-05) Glue Tape is one of the greatest inventions
  • (2016-03-20) TV Show where each episode is a different story. Each episode enters around people who commit crimes but don't succeed because something gets messed up. Dark comedy.
  • (2016-03-17) TV Show where in a society where there are no animals, humans are raised to be eaten
  • (2016-04-13) Can you use mucus for glue?
  • (2016-04-15) What if I used clear sheets of plastic for bleaching shirts? Thin enough to cut. OVERHEAD SHEETS. Can print directly. Easy to keep flat. Waterproof. Reusable. can see if bleach bleeding through edges.
  • (2016-04-15) If I force a smile at all times, will it promote positivity and eventually become a genuine smile???? inspired by peter krause's constant smile
  • (2016-04-26) glass that makes everything black and white. a black and white filter window.
  • (2016-05-05) a laptop case frontpack that rests on your chest for when you go to the bathroom while saving your study spot. for your valuables. Something between a holster, a laptop case, and a baby carrying thing
  • (2016-05-06) fireproof fences either surrounding houses or subdivisions or cities or forests to prevent wildfires from destroying homes
  • (2016-05-06) bulletproof headband. they always aim for the forehead or chest

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