This page is for my projects.

Ongoing Projects

  • Pooptracker 2.0 (iOS/Swift)
  • How Toilets Work (Javascript) - just an idea for now
  • Top secret app - Ideas for now. I need to learn how to write beautiful apps before I start this.
  • So many app ideas...

For school:

  • CS454 (Distributed Systems): Implementing a simple client/server using TCP.
  • CS456 (Networks): Implementing a simple client/server using UDP.
  • CS458 (Security & Privacy): Exploiting programs!


  • Communication Technology from Grade 10 to Grade 12. Each semester was a portfolio website.
  • CS246: Tetris (C++). Programming Tetris with a partner. Received 104%.
  • CS241: Compiler (C++). Implementing a compiler. I got addicted to doing this. The last 3 assignments, I spent ~30 hours for each coding. I couldn't sleep without thinking about it, I woke up thinking about it. It's all I did. This course reassured me that I do, in fact, love programming.
  • CS350: OS161 (C). Implementing features to an operating system such as locks, fork, execv, etc. I look at operating systems so differently now.
  • CS349: Snake! (Java). Implemented Snake, the game. Received 100%. Prof chose to demo my game and code! TA said "Reminds me of something you’d see on" which wasn't even what I was going for, but I'm glad to see those many hours on Neopets influencing my art.
  • CS349: JSketch (Java). A vector-drawing application. Sort of like paint. You can draw, fill, drag shapes. Received 100%. Saving, loading capabilities.
  • CS349: JSketch (Android). Android implementation of the java application JSketch. Received 96% (because I couldn't get the toolbar to lay out properly in landscape mode). Icons drawn by moi!
  • CS349: Curio (Android). Simple Android application that would grab data from a web server and render it nicely. Simple JSON parsing. Received 100%.



  • Public Accounts of Canada 2014 - converting PDF to HTML, writing regular expressions.
  • Visually appealing internal HTML/CSS guide with tutorials, hints, and tips.
  • Fixing webpages (SQL, ColdFusion, JavaScript).
  • Developing and updating webpages based on mockups (PHP, Javascript, HTML, Drupal, tiny bit of AngularJS).
  • Converting webpages to PDFs dynamically, from research to prototype to final product.


  • XE Currency iOS App compatible with all iDevices and iOS 8+. Apple WatchOS, iMessage Extension, Today Widget. Localization. Mainting and implementing various features. Involved in versions 4.5.2 to 4.6.0.
  • Conforming XE Currency iOS App to Accessibility for the visually impaired. It was designed to replace boring old text documents.
  • Implementing chart viewing on the XE Currency WatchOS app.
  • XE Swift cocoapods project - writing libraries/modules for future apps.
  • Blackberry Native - getting the XE Currency Blackberry Native app to run and fixing some errors/warnings.
  • Windows Phone/Desktop - updating the apps. Deprecating currency data service from Protocol Buffers to JSON.
  • Documentation! Added documentation when necessary because details were easy to forget, especially after a long weekend. Also added an iOS Fun Facts page for everyone to share their knowledge.

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I studied Computer Science and Psychology at the University of Waterloo and am currently working towards becoming a master iOS Developer.

Areas of interest: Computer Science, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Biochemistry, Biology, Anatomy, and Visual Arts.

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