The Loves of My Life

All of my favourite actors. I have a condition called Celebrity Worship Syndrome.

  • Hugh JackmanI loved him as Wolverine ever since we watched X-Men at daycare when I was 5.
  • Johnny DeppCaptain Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, Frank in The Tourist.
  • Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes)His every movement in Goblet of Fire, it was like he was dancing with his wand.
  • Jim CaviezelHis portrayal as John Reese in Person of Interest is so heartbreaking. He has a way of conveying everything his character is feeling.
  • Matt BomerNeal. Caffrey.
  • Viggo MortensenAragorn. My husband since I was 7.
  • Booboo StewartHe was so pretty.
  • Geoff StultsHilarious in The Finder.
  • Daniel CraigEver since Casino Royale...
  • Richard ArmitageThorin Oakenshield. Really deep voice. Also, he's really funny.
  • Hugh LaurieGREGORY HOUSE. So broken, so much pain.
    A genius. See A Bit of Fry and Laurie.
  • Mads MikkelsenHannibal Lecter. His cheek bones.
  • Guillermo DiazHuck in Scandal.
  • Patrick DempseyMcDreamy.
  • Kate WalshAddison Montgomery in Grey's Anatomy. At first, I hated her because of her character. But her relationships with the other characters changed. She was so funny, but then she left for Private Practice. A shame because the dynamics between her and the other characters were what worked. Nonetheless, she's a great comedic actress.
  • Johnny Lee MillerSHERLOCK HOLMES. I love him as Sherlock. Brilliant potrayal. Also, did you know that he used to be married to Angelina Jolie?
  • Thomas GibsonI watched a Criminal Minds marathon during some break. It was 24/7 for an entire week. I watched A LOT. Fell in love with Aaron Hotchner. He's not enthusiastic, but you can see in his eyes that he really cares for the team. Also, if you see the pictures he takes on set, they're hilarious. It's a shame, his Twitter days are over (after he got catphished). He's also really funny in Dharma & Greg.
  • Téa LeoniI love her voice.
  • Elizabeth MitchellOh my god, what an amazing actress. I first experienced her in Once Upon a Time, and man, she just blew me away. She was the evil Snow Queen, but her tone of voice, her every facial expression was perfection. One of the best actresses out there. She also cares about her fans and takes the time to meet all of them.
  • James SpaderJames Spader is probably one of the greatest actors ever. Just a single twitch in his face can convey so much. He makes The Blacklist. Without him, the show would not exist.
  • Frank GrilloAlvey Kulina! Guy in The Purge: Anarchy! Crossbones in the MCU! He also posts these wise quotes on Instagram.
  • Tim RothDr. Cal Lightman. Amazing actor. Love the way he talks, love the way he walks.
  • Gale HaroldThe father on The Secret Circle. Brian Kinney on Queer as Folk.
  • Peter KrauseIf you look at his current photos where he's smiling, he has that look like "I'm going to murder your entire family just because I enjoy it." It's also a very charming smile. He has captivated me on The Catch. I love it when he smiles.
  • Rufus SewellObergruppenführer John Smith! He portrays a character so evil, but you love him for it. The way he darts his eyes around, it just conveys so much. Brilliant actor. A fan said it perfectly, "That voice made of velvet with just the right amount of dirt thrown in."
  • Jack DavenportThe best part of Smash. He's always so angry-looking, but gentle at the same time. His character is so passionate about directing the musical that he will do anything to make it happen, including yelling at people and being brutally honest. He's a justified arse. His voice is very much like Alan Rickman's.
  • Anthony Stewart HeadI cannot imagine that anyone could ever play Rupert Giles better than Anthony Stewart Head did. He is absolutely adorable.
  • Mark StrongBALD Mark Strong, to be precise. It took me too long to start to appreciate Mark Strong. Every time I see a bald man, I'm like "Mark Strong?!?! NO? WHY ARE YOU NOT MARK STRONG??!" He's just so great. His voice, his bald head, his long legs, his everything.
  • Ilefenesh HaderaAbsolutely stunning. She started her acting career pretty late, but I was captured by her beauty in every episode of Deception.

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