I've gotten obsessed with making stickers ever since I finalized the process. The possibilities are infinite and I can't stop. Should've started this years ago. So many ideas. Although, I do admit that I take some designs from the internet.

The Process

  1. Photoshop: 7.98"x10.65" template. 150 dpi (I found there isn't much of a visual difference between 150 and 300 dpi). Add strokes for extra white borders and for lines to cut. It takes a lot of rearranging to make the most of the space.
  2. Print: I save the image from Photoshop, drag it into Microsoft Word with the smallest borders it allows, then print. The paper I use is sticker paper, it's basically just a full-sheet label. Very important: print with all of the highest settings. Your printer may differ, but my crappy inkjet printer will just not do its best job until you tell it to.
  3. Protection: I add an extra layer of shelf liner to protect it since the paper is just paper. Don't want smudging or wet substances to ruin it.
  4. Cut: First I cut them all to be separate for more precise cutting. Then I actually cut around the edges to get the final product.
  5. Peel and stick! (I actually have no place to do this step.)

Cost: 1 sheet of sticker paper ($1) + 1 full page of coloured ink ($1?) + 1 sheet of shelf liner (20 cents) + my time (priceless or free) = ~$2 for a full sheet of stickers!

ID Badge Cards

I'm too poor for a PVC card-printing machine, so I used sticker paper to make some!

The Process

  1. Materials: PVC cards from eBay, sticker/label paper, shelf liner.
  2. Photoshop: 2.2" x 3.4" template (measure your card and add a bit to the sides). Design your card.
  3. Print: I save in Photoshop, drag into Microsoft Word, make sure the dimensions on the page is correct, print on sticker paper.
  4. Protection and Gloss: Put some glossy shelf liner on there.
  5. Card Application:
    1. Cut two connecting edges.
    2. Slice lightly on the back of the sticker with a knife to peel off just the corner where the edges are cut.
    3. Peel off the corner backing and line it up to the edges of the card.
    4. Peel off the rest of the backing and stick the whole thing onto the card.
    5. Use a knife to cut along the card.
  6. Use it to get into top-secret facilities.


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